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About Abels Solicitors

Established in 1895, Abels Solicitors is a Southampton based law firm providing a wide range of services.  Abels acts for both business and private clients.  The firm provides professional straightforward advice and aims to provide you with a high quality service.

Abels undertakes publicly funded work with specialities in Family and Housing.

Our office hours are 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday. If you need assistance, please call to arrange an appointment on 023 8022 0317.

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Every year we are asked by the SRA to complete a diversity and equality survey. Since completing the survey in July there have been changes here and we propose updating the information we supplied then. We therefore conducted a fresh survey over the 17th to 19th February 2020. The following is based on the information supplied taking into account the small sample and the need to respect people’s privacy.

The age range of those working here ranged between 25 to over 64, most aged 45-54, reflected equally between fee-earners and support staff.

Of the fee earners 60% were male, 40% female whilst all support staff responding were female.

No one replying identified as disabled

Pakistani and white heritage was represented amongst fee earners whilst white and mixed heritage was represented in support staff. 80% of fee earners were white, as were 88.5% of support staff.

A range of religious beliefs, including Muslim and Christian, and none was represented in the sample.

93% responded as having been taught in the state sector and 80% of fee-earners.

The questionnaire, produced by the SRA, also enquired about educational and job backgrounds of parents to those answering. The questions were unclear and asking some to recall as to their parents work when those answering were 14 somewhat of a challenge so some care needs to be taken with the answers supplied. 30% of those who replied reported a parent with a degree (50% of support staff and 20% of fee-earners) with the rest divided between lesser qualifications, or not knowing.

As regards “professions” (both old and new) 46% reported a parent falling into this category (60% of fee-earners, 37.5% of support staff) with the other results divided between lesser qualifications , craft occupations ,senior management and other.

40% of fee-earners and 28% of support staff were the primary carer of a child or children under 18 and 12.5% of support staff cared sometime for an adult with long-term health-care needs.