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Criminal Law

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Criminal Law and Criminal Defence Solicitors

Abels Solicitors have many years of experience representing people at the police station and at Court. We are directly opposite the Crown Court and Magistrates’ Court buildings in Southampton and are just a telephone call away from the surrounding police stations.

Abels Solicitors specialise in Criminal Law and provide a Duty Solicitor Service at Police Stations

Police Station Duty Solicitor
The police station duty solicitor scheme enables a person who is arrested on suspicion of a criminal offence to consult with a solicitor, either in person or on the telephone (and frequently both) whilst in police custody. This right is most often taken up when the suspect is to be interviewed concerning their suspected involvement in the commission of a crime.

Both of our solicitors are “Duty Solicitors” meaning that the service they provide meets a certain standard.

Court Duty Solicitor
The court duty solicitor scheme allows a person that has already been charged with an offence to consult with and be represented by a solicitor at the Magistrates’ Court on their first appearance if they do not have, or simply have not contacted, their own solicitor. The right to see the duty solicitor applies equally to those defendants who are in custody or on bail, but the right is not unlimited – if the defendant is on bail and is charged with an offence that does not carry a sentence of imprisonment the duty solicitor is not permitted to act. A client is only permitted to take advantage of duty solicitor assistance on one occasion in respect to each matter charged. This contrasts with the right to advice from the duty solicitor whilst at the police station, which applies irrespective of what the alleged offence may be, and will last for the duration of any investigation.

  • How can Abels Solicitors help?
  • Round the clock free police station assistance
  • Magistrates’ court representation
  • Crown court representation and provision of a barrister
  • A consultation on whether you qualify for legal aid
  • A competitively priced private representation if you are ineligible for legal aid