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Will Writing Service

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Will Writing Service

We provide a Will Writing service so that you can ensure that your property, on your death, passes to whom you wish it to rather than relying on the statutory rules. Without a Will, if one spouse dies leaving children or other relatives then there is no guarantee that everything would pass to the surviving spouse. It is particularly important for non-married couples to make Wills as, generally speaking, nothing in the sole name of one would pass to the other.

Following a death, we can assist with the administration of the estate whether or not there is a Will. This can include obtaining the Grant of Representation and collecting in the assets of the estate and then distributing them in accordance with the terms of the Will or the intestacy rules if there is no Will.

Lasting Powers of Attorney

We can also provide advice in connection with Powers of Attorney and in particular Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA). An LPA is a document in which someone appoints an attorney to look after either their financial and property affairs or their personal welfare. The power given to the attorney continues even if the donor becomes mentally incapable of managing his affairs. If there is already mental incapacity then we can assist with the application to the Court of Protection for the appointment of a deputy to look after the affairs of the incapacitated.

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